Testimonials & Press

Impressions of our program from Administrators, Parents, and After School Coordinators

"As an administrator and a parent, I am constantly looking for quality, engaging after school programs. Academic Chess has more than met my expectations! The program has the largest enrollment of any of our after school offerings, due to the enthusiasm and professionalism of the instructors. Our students look forward to Monday afternoons when they get to spend an hour having fun while at the same time learning something new that helps them in so many different areas of their lives. I eagerly anticipate when the day comes that my own children are old enough to participate!"
- Karen Regan, Principal at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Elementary
(Santa Barbara)

"Academic Chess has been a terrific addition to our enrichment program at The Howard School. The children are excited about chess, and can’t wait until their Thursday class. It is not uncommon to overhear them discussing what they learned in their class; neither is it uncommon to find several students engaged in a chess game during recess.

The instructors from Academic Chess teach the game in a fun and straight forward manner. They have clever songs and sayings that entertain the children while helping them to remember the rules and strategies of the game. The children would never know that they were learning a game that is considered to be difficult or complex.

As an administrator I field several proposals a week promising enrichment programs. Often these programs add to the work load of our busy teachers and staff. Academic Chess is different. From the initial instruction to the tournament day, they truly take care of every detail. It has been a great way to add to our program without adding to our work load."
- Joel Reed, Headmaster at The Howard School (Carpinteria)

"Just wanted to say thanks for your program! [My son] is happy to start up again at Roosevelt on Monday---and his big brother will be starting, too!"
- Parent, Roosevelt Elementary School

"My son is a MUS 4th grader - the highlight of his winter break was beating our friends’ kids in Chess. They have four boys; one attending Columbia University (math major), the other a freshman at USC, the other a Jr. at SB High School, and the youngest a fellow 4th grader! He beat the four brothers in Chess and it was thanks to you!"
- Parent, Montecito Union School

"[My sons] are very excited about Chess and I can't thank you enough for keeping them interested. They are very involved with sports and I am so delighted that they have found something that uses their brain and keeps them busy in a different way. We have truly enjoyed the ASEP class and hope you will continue doing them at Roosevelt."
- Twila, Parent at Roosevelt Elementary School

"I am extremely impressed with Academic Chess. All of the students who are in their class have developed a passion for chess, and their skills have improved markedly in the short time that the students have played. The teachers are excellent and have a fun hands-on method of teaching. In addition, they sponsor citywide chess tournaments where the students can further practice their skills in a fun supervised setting.
I would highly recommend their chess program to any school."
- Vikki Lane, After School Class Coordinator, Monte Vista Elementary (Santa Barbara)

"[Academic Chess],
I am a parent of a student, Luke, who participates in Academic Chess at Peabody Charter School. Luke is going into 4th grade at Peabody, and has participated in Chess classes since Grade 1. I have to tell you that in all the years of his participation, we have been the happiest with Academic Chess...all the teachers are AMAZING!!! My son is a big competitor, and loves the game... [Your instructor’s] enthusiasm, teaching skills and support are UNBELIEVABLE, and have made a huge impact on my son. [Your Instructor] has created even more of a love for the game…We were part of [another] group for 2 years, and while Luke enjoyed them, the experience in AC is so much better, so much more exciting, and so much more fun!!! I attribute that to the excellent team...

I just wanted you to know...I love to share good news!!! We will be active in your classes for years to come, and we are going to have my younger son in the classes this year...we love Academic Chess! Thank you!"
- Parent, Peabody Charter School

Feedback about our Friday Knight Tournaments…

"You run a fantastic program and we are looking forward to the [upcoming tournament]!"
- Parent, Roosevelt Elementary School

"I wanted to compliment your instructors on the chess tournament held tonight. I have been impressed by their knowledge, organizational skills, and ability to teach kids. My nine year old loves his chess class and had a great time at the tournament. Keep up the good work!"
- Parent, Peabody Elementary School